Wallet Hub gives shoppers a roadmap to 2019 Labor Day deals and sales

WalletHub has found shopping deals to celebrate the holiday weekend.

The Labor Day holiday weekend is significant to the Texas economy as it's been a traditionally heavy shopping time.

Texas Retailers Association President and CEO George Kelemen said Labor Day sales and deals are conveniently timed when school is starting back up and summer is winding down.

"Like appliances, you've got model years switching from one year to the next. You've got inventory trying to get moved out, so that new inventory can come in, in time for the holidays," said Kelemen.

He said it's predominantly driven by back to school making people get back in stores and shop.

"In Texas, the back to school season is second only to the holiday season at the end of the year in terms of sales numbers," said Kelemen.

Dishwashers are the best items to buy in September, relative to the rest of the year.

Kelemen said it's a good time to buy appliances as houses are being remodeled, as well as stores are trying to move out current stock for new fall inventory coming in.

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