Google censors for employees too little too late

Google has repeatedly been accused political bias and now wants employees to limit political discussions in its own workplace.

Google has definitely not been a friend to conservatives by censoring speech and groups. It’s a little late in the game for Google to start censoring its employees. Most people already realize the tech giant has a liberal agenda.

Reportedly, new rules "prohibit Google employees from making statements that insult, demean, or humiliate a range of individuals."

Media Research Center Tech Watch, Business and Culture vice president Dan Gainor said Google has not only restricted speech for conservatives, but problems are also happening with their own employees.

"They've had multiple Google employees who are conservative go public and complain about the bias against Conservatives internally," said Gainor."But, what really got them is that they've had employees who are sabotaging what they want to do by going open about they're working with China and other projects."

Reportedly, the White House is preparing an executive order that will instruct the FTC and FCC to limit the parameters of censorship on big tech platforms.

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