Cornyn: Green New Deal is no deal for Texas

The Green New Deal has been a thing because of AOC and 'The Squad.' Unfortunately it would have a negative impact on Texas, if it were to actually become more than just an idea.

Texas Senator John Cornyn is in Houston for a round-table this afternoon on the kind of impact the Green New Deal would have on Texas.

"This is not just about the environment. This is about basically surrendering to the federal government, control of your life. You wouldn't be able to drive your car or your pickup truck," Cornyn explained. "When someone explained to me that we'd all have to turn into vegetarians I said those are fighting words."

Cornyn is working on his own project, To ensure a reliable, affordable, and environmentally sound energy supply, Sen. Cornyn has introduced the Launching Energy Adavancement and Development through Innovations for Natural Gas (LEADING) Act that would establish a program for the research and development of carbon capture technology for natural gas. Earlier this summer, it passed the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

"Instead of more government, more taxes, and more regulation, we need more innovation," Cornyn stated.

No one in the Democratic Party talked about anything like a Green New Deal before AOC. Now they are signing on to her idea. So why is this happening.

"I think in some ways the Democratic office holders are intimidated by AOC. They are afraid that unless they kowtow to this radical agenda that they will find themselves out of a job," Cornyn explained. "My hope would be that reasonable folks on the left would realize that she's leading them over a cliff."

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