Who are the nobodies challenging President Trump?

Usually, a challenger to the President from his own party is nothing but good news for the other side. But none of the GOP challengers to the President at this point seem to be serious threats.

Rice political science Professor Mark Jones says neither Bill Weld, nor Joe Walsh or Mark Sanford have a realistic chance.

"There are some candidates who get into the nomination race with the goal of actually capturing the nomination, but there are an equal number, if not a larger number, who get in for other reasons -- either to resurrect their political career, to have political influence or to make money."

Weld was a running mate on the Libertarian ticket in 2016, Walsh is a radio host and Sanford disgraced himself when caught cheating on his wife ten years ago while he was governor of South Carolina.

Jones says none is a serious threat.

"Both have been somewhat disgraced; Walsh for racist comments and Sanford for his adultery. Weld, while somewhat eccentric and seems obsessed with marijuana legalization, at least does have a little more stable track record."

Professor Jones says if Ohio Governor John Kasich enters the race he might be a serious challenge to President Trump.

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