Millennials are less patriotic than they used to be

You probably shouldn't be surprised at this, but millennials don't value things like patriotism the way you do.

A new poll from the Wall Street Journal found patriotism among millennials down by 9%. Campus Reform found something similar in their on campus videos.

KTRH's Sean Hannity thinks he knows why this is happening, and it's because of people like AOC.

"As younger Americans feel less patriotic, they are also turning towards socialism," Hannity said Monday night on Fox News, adding that the liberal bent on college campuses is helping this along.

Gabrielle Bosche with The Millennial Solution says she thinks she knows why millennials are less patriotic.

"This generation has learned about patriotism in an environment where patriotism has been tinged by a lot of negativity," Bosche said.

The polling found that the importance of religion fell by 12% and having children was down 16%.

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