China blinked, but that's not what you heard from the mainstream media

The mainstream media isn't telling you everything that is happening with the trade war.

As an example, you didn't hear much about it when China said they wanted a "calm" end to the trade war, something the President saw coming.

"I think they very much want to make a deal. The tariffs have hit them very hard," Trump said this week.

Michael Johns co-founded the National Tea Party and tells KTRH Trump called China's bluff, and they blinked.

"For well over thirty years now there's been essentially no pressure exerted on China to change their grossly unfair trade policies," Johns said.

But don't expect to get the truth from the mainstream media

"The mainstream media appears to have taken a completely adversarial role, and like many Congressional Democrats they simply want to deny President Trump any win," Johns explained.

And an example of that is when they try to credit the President Obama for the booming economy we have now, under Trump.

Economic trade war between USA and China

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