Fake News could lead to real votes

President Trump spends a lot of time talking about fake news, and if you think fake news won't impact the 2020 election, new research says you're wrong.

The Association of Psychological Science's research showed that voters may form force false memories after seeing fake news. Leigh Richardson with the Brain performance Center tells KTRH exactly how that could happen.

"We let our personal biases impact how we encode and retrieve information," Richardson said, adding that it is especially true if it is something we believe in.

And as a result, she says fake news stories could impact next year's election.

"If we hear something that really strikes our heart; strikes our core belief, then yeah, it can have a big impact," Richardson explained.

Richardson says we shouldn't make decisions like that based on our emotions, and that we should stop and think about where we are getting these news stories from.

Fake news against blue green background

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