Democrats, liberal media are now rooting against America

Democrats didn't beat President Trump with the Mueller Report. They weren't successful is labeling him a racist. Now they have a new plan of attack; rooting against America.

KTRH's Sean Hannity says they are rooting for an economic downturn so that a Democrat would win the election next year.

"They want people to suffer. Why? So they can get back power and President Trump will lose the election," Hannity said.

If you don't believe it, just check out what comedian Bill Maher has been saying for months on his HBO show.

"I've been hoping for a recession. People hate me for it. It would get rid of Trump so you shouldn't hate me for it. It's worth it," Maher said last week.

Fox's Laura Ingraham says what the Democrats seem to forget, or ignore, are facts.

"Millions of you have more money in your pockets because of Trump's policies. The fact is America's economy under President Trump remains the strongest in the G&," Ingraham said.

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