Young voters like socialism, but don't know what socialism is.

We told you this week that older voters would be key in 2020. Turns out that's a good thing because younger voters don't seem to have a handle on the issues.

It appears as if college aged kids have no clue about things like socialism. The Young America's Foundation research shows 40% like it. Spokesman Spencer Brown told KTRH that they also like the free market system at the same time.

"Clearly there's a disconnect between what they are hearing in the media, from Bernie Sanders or AOC and what they actually know those things to mean," Brown said.

Because it turns out that young people don't actually know what socialism is. The polling showed 27% didn't know what socialism was; and that 10% just thought it meant free stuff. Then there's this video from Campus Reform asking college students about socialism.

Strategist Bryan Preston blames social media for this lack of knowledge.

"You get a reinforcing echo chamber. Somebody like AOC says something great about socialism, and then you get a pile on effect," Preston explained.

The problem is social media is where most younger voters go to get their news. And 80% of college students polled said they planned to vote next year.

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