Trump facing key decisions on guns, economy

Immigration may be President Trump's bread and butter, but he will have to take on a couple of more key issues when Congress returns from their break.

The mainstream media is stoking recession fears, and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says the Federal Reserve could help with an interest rate cut.

"it's ridiculous. Our interest rates are high relative to many other countries," Ross said.

Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk tells KTRH the President could go with another round of tax cuts to calm fears down.

"There has been some talk of another cut through payroll taxes, which would help put more money into people's pockets on a weekly basis," Davidiuk explained.

The other issue is on guns; Trump has mentioned red flag laws, but needs Democrats to make a deal.

"Democrats seem to use gun violence as talking points and political grandstanding," Davidiuk stated.

That is, as opposed to actually passing something that might help with the issue.

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