Shut your mouth! Politicians’ potty mouth part of public persona nowadays

Remember when crap used to be a bad word? Now, it's used in polite company.

New research finds more members of Congress swearing up a storm more than ever before.

It used to be that either political leaders would not use vulgar language publicly or the media would not broadcast it.

Syracuse University professor of television and popular culture Robert Thompson said it's more popular on some social media platforms where politicians don't say them, but we read them.

"Now, we heare some political leaders use the same language for the record that people like Richard Nixon only used to use behind (taped) closed doors," said Thompson.

He said it's also becoming a generational thing, as well.

"The attitudes towards this kind of language has changed dramatically and part of that may be that younger people have grown up post cable, post internet generations," said Thompson.

He addED there are a couple of words offensive to gender and race that used to be slung around carelessly decades ago, that are now never acceptable.

The study finds bad language by politicians has been used 1,225 times on Twitter so far this year compared to 833 in 2018.

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