Older voters to play a key role for Trump in 2020

Democrats and the mainstream media keep pushing the young vote, but that's not the group of voters that could matter most next year.

Voters over the age of 65 could play the biggest role, and could very well help President Trump. Strategist Corbin Casteel tells KTRH those are just facts.

"Historically, the older voters get, the more conservative they get, at least fiscally. Taxes matter. Trump has cut tax rates," Casteel said.

Consultant Joe Brettell agrees that demographic will be key.

"The lack of retirement savings among baby boomers and older voters, coupled with the cost of long term care, promises to be something the President will have to pay attention to," Brettell explained.

Yet the mainstream media and the Democrats don't talk about older voters. It's all about younger demos. Casteel says that's not a winning strategy.

"The media needs to proved data that any election has been decided by young people. I don't think that's ever happened," Casteel stated, adding that talking about older voters that would go against Democrats does not fit their narrative


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