21 HISD schools get failing grade in latest report

It was not the report card officials with HISD were hoping to get.

The TEA's annual accountability report gave HISD an overall B grade, but 21 schools in the district got an 'F.' Zeph Capo with the Houston Federation of Teachers tells KTRH this is going to be disputed.

"Many of these schools are part of this 21 shouldn't be there. At least six of them are falling under the 'Forced failure' rule," Capo explained.

That rule saying if a school gets an F in one of three categories, the school gets an F overall. The grade for Wheatley High School is one that Capo says will be disputed.

"There will be some questions of whether this 21 actually stays at 21 as we dig deep into this report," Capo stated.

This comes as the state is considering replacing the HISD board. The TEA has never replaced a school board in a district as big as HISD.

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