FBI Seeks Third Party Contractors to Track Social Media in Real Time

The Federal Bureau of Investigation wants real-time access to your social media, and it's looking for third party contractors to do it.

Identity theft expert Robert Siciliano says chances are the FBI is already doing it, but the agency is now being more open about it.

“They're going to gather specific ongoing data on individuals that in some way, shape or form will ultimately be used against them, whether they're doing something wrong or not,” he says.

“What you post online, social media and so on, is repeatable. It's there forever. It can be copied and pasted. Or gathered by intelligence officers, not only from American government agencies, but from foreign intelligence as well.”

The real problem says Siciliano, is the third party contractors having access to your accounts.

“Now you have all the individuals within that third party, you could potentially have hundreds of employees with access to all of this sensitive information.”

However, the FBI may hit a road block after Congress and the Federal Trade Commission recently cracked down on privacy standards.



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