Cord Cutters say the cable and satellite providers are in trouble

A new report says the largest providers, including Comcast and AT&T, tripled their loss of subscribers in the second quarter of this year.

Luke Bouma of Cord Cutters News says the big guys can't ignore cord cutters anymore.

"They're finally trying to respond to what used to be just a few kids in their moms' basements but is now a massive movement of millions of people cutting the cord every single year."

Bouma says one way the pay TV providers are trying to stay relevant is with streaming content themselves.

"AT&T is about to launch a new streaming service called 'AT&T TV' which will be a streaming version of DirecTV and Comcast has its own streaming service and even a streaming player now."

Bouma says Disney+ will likely become a major player when it launches in November.

"Disney+ is going to shake up the TV market; $6.99 for a month for the service or get a bundle of Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+ for $12.99."

The report says the top pay-TV providers have now lost five million subscribers over the past five years.

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