Back to school: How do districts deal with social media threats?

Part of keeping your kids safe at school is by monitoring what they are talking about online. It's something that's routine now for local school districts.

Denise Meyers with the Magnolia ISD told KTRH they not only have officers on every campus now, but literally everyone is involved with monitoring social media.

"We do work with our administrators and students. We have 'Anonymous Alert," where students and parents can report things that they are seeing," Meyers said. "Anytime we see something or hear something, it is automatically investigated. Having an officer on every campus helps in that."

Kimberly Smith with the Alief ISD says they utilize a number of different strategies,including technology.

"We have specialized software. That helps us detect any threats that may be made on social media. We monitor ourselves; our police department does that. And we also have a really tight knit community, so students themselves," Smith told KTRH News.

Other districts, like Fort Bend, have threat assessment teams that look at each threat as they come in online.

Social Media Apps

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