Austin ISD dress code could become less "sexist" and "racist"

In the Capitol City, the school district's dress code is reportedly getting even less restrictive.

With a reported only 27 percent of white students enrolled, minority parents started a petition claiming that the current dress code doesn't uphold diversity.

The new dress code students can wear hats, sweatshirts with hood up, athletic gear and pajamas. Girls can wear spaghetti straps, tank tops, halter top and shorts of any length, as long as their butt is covered. Bra straps and underwear waistbands can also show now.

In addition, boys can dress as girls, and girls can dress as boys.

But, still no profane or violent language or images.

No word if that includes the American flag.

The National Eagle Forum's first vice-president Cathie Adams said dress codes aren't racist.

"I think it's just really sorry that parents and their students can't make those decisions and then work together with the teachers to make a classroom where people are focused on learning," said Adams.

"It's in keeping with everything that I think Mr. Obama taught the country. You focus on race first and you create divisions in our society and I think that is the breakdown that has been happening ever since he began going down that road. It is a dead end street and it is hurting people."

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