Supreme Court Likely to Avoid to Second Amendment Cases

Three mass shootings in recent weeks may force the U.S. Supreme court to sidestep cases seeking to expand second amendment rights.

Gun rights advocates have been looking forward to the court's fall session, but Josh Blackman at South Texas College of Law Houston says they may be disappointed.

“The court currently has a case on its calendar about a New York law that limits carrying of firearms, and the court may even get rid of that case as well,” he says.

Blackman says it's clear the court under Chief Justice John Roberts has shied away from gun cases.

“I've longed feared that it was Chief Justice Roberts who was somewhat hesitant to provide greater review of second amendment cases,” he says. “He's still on the court, so once again I think the entire court turns on what Chief Justice Roberts wants.”

That direction, says Blackman, favors gun control efforts in Congress and state level.

“Those who greater gun control want the Supreme Court to stay away from these cases,” he says. “They want states to to be able to enact whatever laws they want and the Supreme Court should not intervene.”

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