A study finds Gen Zers not only sext, but share the nude pics with others

When it comes to sexting, a study finds every generation is doing it. But, an alarming nearly 40 percent of Generation Z are and 37 percent of Millennials (ages 23 to 38) are sending explicit messages or photos.

Leigh Richardson is a licensed professional counselor and the founder of the Brain Performance Center. She said she was completely blown away when she saw the percentage. Adding, the youngest generation—between 18-22—don't have the brain power to think through the consequences.

"You get impulsive and you just share a picture and you think that you're just going to share that picture with one person, and that's not the way it goes. And, once that picture is shared, it can stay alive forever," said Richardson.

She said sexting can make young people vulnerable.

"Does that lead to some sexual blackmail? Or even worse, bullying. And, there's a lot of sexual predators online," said Richardson.

She added in some states, sexting is considered child pornography. Don't forget 18 is considered an adult and if you're texting someone younger than that, it is technically a crime.

No surprise--more females were asked to send nudes, but males were the ones who actually hit send.

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