Less kids are playing team sports, which could lead to problems as adults

A common threat we keep seeing with mass shooters is that they seem to be loners. That may go back to what they did as children, and who they spent time with.

Fewer kids today are taking part in youth sports. Only 38% of kids between 6 and 12 played team sports last year. That's down from 45% in 2008. Psychologist Wendy Rice told KTRH team sports teaches kids a lot about how to get along in life.

"Taking turns, about not always being first, learning to work together, strategy, and showing up for your team. There are tons of lessons to be learned from team sports," Rice explained.

So if kids aren't getting those lessons from team sports, where are they learning about social skills, friendship and even taking criticism?

"If kids aren't continuing with sports as they get older, they are spending a lot more time alone, and a lot more time online," Rice said, adding that spending all that time alone and online contributes to isolation and depression.

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