Astros to upgrade and extend netting at Minute Maid Park

The Houston Astros have announced today that the protective netting inside Minute Maid Park will be both upgraded and extended to cover more of the seating area.

The current netting will be replaced with knot-less netting, which the team says will allow for an improved viewing experience for fans. The netting will also be extended further down the left-field and right-field lines, increasing the number of seats that will be located behind protective netting.

Astros Statement

“Fan experience is always a top priority for the Astros. The Astros have followed Major League Baseball’s guidelines regarding netting while providing fans with a choice as to whether they sit in areas with or without protective netting. These changes will improve the fan’s experience and increase the number of seats behind protective netting. Fans will continue to have the option to sit in areas without netting.”

This comes after a little girl was hit by a foul ball during a game between the Astros and Chicago Cubs at the end of May.

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