2020 Democrats using El Paso tragedy for their political gain

It didn't take long for the left to try and use what happened in El Paso for their political gain. In fact, Fox's Dan Bongino says it didn't even take a full day.

“Literally hours, if not minutes after an incident, people jump on their Twitter accounts," Bongino said. "Politicians looking for votes, support, donations, whatever they're looking for and instead of having some sense of empathy with the victims of this really unthinkable tragedy, your first instinct is to tweet about whose fault it is other than the actual person whose fault it is?”

Political analyst Chris Begala told KTRH they are using the issue to try and get votes in next year's election.

"That's a sad commentary in itself; that this type of unspeakable, horrific tragedy is automatically used as political fodder," Begala explained.

He also isn't sure it will work.

"I don't know. Maybe there are some Democrats so far left that it gets them more motivated to go vote," Begala said, adding that it would be especially true if those voters believe President Trump is responsible for what happened in El Paso and in Dayton, Ohio.

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