Republican Senator wants to limit the time you spend on social media

The role of social media has come under scrutiny ever since the tragic mass shooting in El Paso this past weekend, with the shooter's manifesto appearing on '8chan.'

But even before those questions were being asked, lawmakers in Washington were trying to act like our parents again.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri has proposed a bill that would limit the time you spend on social media to 30 minutes a day. Political analyst George Seay with Annandale Capital tells tells KTRH this is just a goofy idea.

"Trying to tell people how long they can be on social media will never work. It's sill. And, it's offensive to freedom," Seay said.

So why do lawmakers want to act like your parents? Seay says the Washington environment leads politicians to think they know better than you do.

"It's really goofy legislation. It's embarrassing for conservatives, and Republicans," Seay stated.

In his proposal, Hawley says "Big tech has embraced a model of addiction." It's not expected to gain any traction in Congress.

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