Cops: Doughnut did not make bus driver fail sobriety test, other drugs did

It turns out the doughnut did not make the school bus driver accused of driving students while intoxicated back in May fail a field sobriety test.

Harris County Constable Precinct 4 Mark Herman says the following medications were found in Linda Godejohn's blood on the day of her arrest:

Clonazepam - used to control seizures and relieve panic attacks

Meprobamate - used to treat anxiety disorders

7-amino clonazepam - used to treat epilepsy and anxiety

Godejohn was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated with a child under 15 back in May when police said say she failed a field sobriety test "miserably" after callers into 911 reported the school bus driver for driving erratically.

When she bonded out of jail and was asked her about the allegations, she denied that she had been drinking that day and said that a doughnut made her sick.

"They keep saying that I have been drinking. I don't drink. I haven't had a drink in years," Godejohn said.

"How do you explain failing a field sobriety test?" another reporter asked.

"It's hard. I couldn't even do it right now," Godejohn responded.

Godejohn also said that she wasn't taking any medication.

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