Broder officials: More illegals coming here than we've seen last two years

More illegal immigrants are coming to the United States this fiscal year than there have been the last two years.

Law enforcement says they expect 1.1 million people will cross the border by the end of the fiscal year at the end of September. Former immigration judge and prosecutor Mark Metcalf tells KTRH the illegals know that right now, we can't do much to stop them.

"The smugglers and people who are truly victims of persecution know that the U.S. borders are wide open," Metcalf said.

And they will do anything to get here, including, as reports say, buying babies in Guatemala for 80 dollars.

"Human beings are now monetized, and that's the shocking part about it," Metcalf stated.

And because of our policy when it comes to people coming here with kids, Metcalf says there's no level smugglers won't stoop to.

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