Political Candidates Turn to Podcasts to Get Their Message Out

With so many Democrats vying for attention in the 2020 presidential race, many are turning to podcasts to get their message across.

Call it the next level of grassroots campaigning. Podcasts may be high-tech, but it's also low-cost and targets specific voter groups.

“Podcasts are where a lot of young people live these days. The other thing is a lot of political active people hang around podcasts, and in a primary situation they want to meet the more active voters where they are,” says Jeff McCall, media analyst at DePauw University.

McCall says podcasts allow candidates to speak in depth on the issues, and they have staying power.

“If a candidate does an interview right now and they talk about something that becomes important six weeks from now, they can still shoot that back out there through social media and make reference to it, and try to get some attention to it weeks after the interview has already happened,” he says.

But McCall warns that could be a double-edged sword if candidates misspeak or take podcasts too lightly.



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