College isn’t worth going in debt over, especially with nothing to prove

A study finds that it's going to take more than education to make it through college with a degree and not in debt.

College Prep Genius CEO Jean Burke said 85 percent of people who go to college have debt; and 60 percent enrolled don't graduate within six years. The two reasons why college students drop out is because of the financial expense and they can't handle the workload.

"The current trend is that the median debt is $100,000 and unemployment rate for graduates is about nine percent. And, then of those kids that graduate, 19 percent can't even find a part-time job and 38 percent of them are working in a position that doesn't even require a degree," said Burke.

She said as a nation, we're in a one point six trillion dollar debt when it comes to college loans.

She said the teacher’s job isn't necessarily to get you into college, but to get you out of high school.

"They get to college and they don't realize that you've got six, seven, eight hours of studying per class per day, and so they can't handle it. And, I think high school is definitely is not a training ground for college," said Burke.

She added some adults are taking 20 years to pay off college loans.

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