Pro-Life Advocates Ask Abilene to Declare Itself 'Sanctuary' for Unborn

Pro-life advocates are now urging the city of Abilene to become a "sanctuary" for the unborn. Waskom, Texas already adopted the ordinance, but it recently failed in Mineral Wells.

Fearing Planned Parenthood will use a $9 million gift from an anonymous donor to set up shop in West Texas, pro-life advocates last week called on Abilene officials to adopt an ordinance outlawing abortion in their city.

“Planned Parenthood, the number one abortion provider in the United States and in Texas has said they want to expand again in West Texas, but that is not reflective of your voters, a vast majority are pro-life,” said John Seago, legislative director for Texas Right to Life.

“In a U.S. Senate race where two candidates represented two vastly different views on elective abortion, Taylor and Jones Counties showed strong support for the pro-life agenda and the pro-life candidate at 73 percent and 82 percent respectively,” Seago added.

Deborah Nelms operates a mentoring service for young girls -- some of which have already had an abortion.

“The biggest think I hear these women say is they would have never had an abortion if they knew the truth about all of the consequences they now live with,” she said.

As of today, there's no official proposal on Abilene City Council's agenda.



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