Early Polls Show President Trump Losing, Just Like 2016

Just like in 2016, early polling shows President Donald Trump losing big to Democrats next year. However, the same was true with Hillary Clinton leading up to the 2016 election.

“We should be very skeptical of any early polling right now because we are so far away from the election, and any poll that shows the Democrats up right now when they haven't spent any money is just false,” says Matt Langston with national political consulting firm Big Dog Strategies.

“If you are millennial or if you are anyone over the age of 65 or 70, you have a cell phone or you have caller ID, it's very difficult to get a real read on what the American public thinks, and pollsters have yet to crack that nut,” he says.

The president event criticized Fox News, which also has him losing to Joe Biden in recent poll.

“I think everyone should be skeptical of what Fox News is doing right now, because what they're doing is moderating their position because it gets them airtime,” says Langston.

In the end, Langston says President Trump continues to drive up ratings and web hits for all news outlets, no matter what the polling shows.



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