Contractor Accused of Stealing from Harvey Victims, Others

A contractor from Bryan is out on bond, accused of stealing from his clients -- some who were victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen says 43-year-old Keith Johnson stole roughly $300,000 from his six victims. Johnson is currently out on bond.

“In many instances he would order supplies, the supplies would arrive at the location, and mysteriously the next day the items would get stolen or get stolen over night. Most of the work that he did had to be redone,” Rosen said Thursday.

“I can tell you that it sickens me. This is something our society needs to get rid of and it's time that we hold people that do this type of work and commit these kinds of criminal acts accountable.”

Constable Rosen believes there may be more victims still out there. He’s urging anyone who came in contact with Johnson to call (713) 755-5200.


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