Conservatives ‘rule of law’ on immigration winning

A liberal think tank finds as the Democratic Party continues to drift to the more radical position of no immigration enforcement, it opened the door for Republicans to claim it as their own.

Established Democrats are penning in articles and opinion pieces how inexperienced liberal's stance on a lack of immigration enforcement will play out in the 2020 election.

Federation for American Immigration Reform's Ira Mehlman said instead of trying to score political points with the radical Democrats, immigration should be a bi-partisan issue and liberals should work with conservatives on a resolution.

"They are pandering to the most extreme wing of their party in order to turn people out at the poles, but at the same time they're turning off Independents, the kind of people that they're going to need to win elections," said Mehlman.

He said the Democratic Party leaders are warning the extreme wing of the party that they're possibly driving themselves off a cliff on the immigration issue.

"The American public right now is focused on the immediate crisis. They want this ended. And, if the Democrats miss this opportunity, the voters are going to have to ask some questions 'why they did that?'," said Mehlman.

He said immigration is one of the most important issues. Lacking enforcement and policies endangers the lives of American citizens and communities, as well as those truly needing asylum.

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