Bipartisan Support Growing for Big Tech Breakup

Democrats are now sounding the alarm over big tech bias, leading many to believe a break up of Google, Facebook and others could be just around the corner.

Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard just slapped Google with a $50 million lawsuit over censorship. Earlier this month, Sen. Ted Cruz chided the tech giant on Capitol Hill.

“Google may well be the most powerful company on the face of the planet, because they have a monopoly on information, on what you know and what I know,” he said.

“The problem is they use these monopoly powers to silence voices they don't like.”

Right now, tech giants are protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, but P.J. Media's Tyler O'Neil says Congress is feeling the pressure to take action.

“Whether that's changing 230. Whether that's cutting Google off from some of its most powerful ways of controlling the narrative. Or whether it's breaking up these companies,” he says.

And O'Neil thinks it could happen sooner rather than later.

“If the Democratic House agrees on some way of limiting tech companies, you have enough conservative firebrands in the Senate, I'm starting to think we could see something maybe by the end of this year, or maybe in the middle of the primaries next year.”



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