Poll: Moderates Turned Off by Dems' Open Border Agenda

Self-described moderate Democrats are becoming increasingly turned off by the idea of open borders.

Numbers from a recent NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist Poll show a majority of moderates do not support free health care and other benefits for illegal aliens.

“This is a kind of socialist agenda. Open borders and health care, it's all free. You don't have to worry about it, you break the law and come into the U.S, that's fine,” says Matt Langston, partner with national political consulting firm Big Dog Strategies. “They're going to continue to find the swing voters slip away.”

Langston says Democratic leaders would be smart to steer the party away from the so-called "Squad."

“The American people see right through it and they don't like it,” he says. “They want their laws to be respected. Every country in the world has stronger immigration policies than the U.S.”

Taxpayer-funded health care for illegal aliens would reportedly cost Americans upwards of $660 billion over ten years.

“Most average Americans are hard working, they have to pay taxes,” says Langston. “If you balance your budget at your home, you start to realize that free for everybody else doesn't work.”



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