Diversity Coalition: More Blacks, Hispanics Will Support Trump in 2020

For all the talk of racism, the executive director of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump believes President Donald Trump will receive more support from blacks and Hispanics next year, than he did in 2016.

Bruce LeVelle went so far to tell Breitbart News Sunday that Trump will more than double his support from those groups, but SMU political science professor Matthew Wilson says he doesn't have to.

“If he can get more than a third of the Latino vote. If he can get 10-12 percent of the African-American vote, it would be difficult for Democrats to win,” he says.

Despite what you see on television, Dr. Wilson says there are plenty of "Latinos for Trump" and "African-Americans for Trump" working just under the surface.

“I think a lot of African-American and Latinos who support Trump, they don't talk a lot about their political preferences,” he says. “They don't want to incite disagreements within their own families and friend group.”

“It's perhaps held quietly and close to the vest, but it is there. Not majorities by any means, but perhaps significant enough minorities to give him a real asset in the election.”



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