TX Rep Proposes DNA Testing to Prevent 'Child Recycling' At Border

North Texas Congressman Lance Gooden has introduced legislation requiring DNA tests of migrant children coming across the border.

The Terrell Republican told Fox's Stuart Varney if Democrats are serious about protecting migrant children, they'll back his bill.

"If you're coming across the border and you have children, and you're claiming them as family, we're going to do a mouth swab DNA test and make sure they're actually family."

"They're recycling these children, bringing them across and using them as a vehicle to gain quicker access to the system," Gooden said."Then when the trafficker has made it through with whatever victims he has shuttled across, they send the child back to be recycled through the process again."

Former acting ICE director Tom Homan oversaw a pilot program of DNA testing.

"There's one case where a child was rented several times to several different adult males.This is child trafficking," he said."DNA is imperative that we have that across the board, not a pilot program, across the board on the southern border.

Consent is needed to perform the tests, with results available in 90 minutes.



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