How about a little more elbow room for that 3-hour flight?

Airlines are finally doing something about that awful middle seat. A new airplane seat -- just approved by the FAA -- will stagger the seats for the comfort of those stuck in the middle.

Molon Labe founder Hank Scott says the extra five inches of room for the middle seat was a happy accident.

"We developed a side-slip seat which allows the aisle seat to slide over the top of the middle seat; now a by-product of that was we had to have a staggered layout in order for this seat to slide."

The seat will slide over during boarding to give passengers more room in the aisle. When they're back in position the passenger in the middle may have the most comfortable seat in the row of three.

"Nobody purposefully wants that middle seat, maybe a family traveling together does; but to be more comfortable it seems people are willing to pay a bit more to avoid that middle seat."

Travel advisor Sheilah Benoit at Houston's Woodlake Travel says passengers have been paying more for the aisle, but when planes are outfitted with the new "S1" seats they might be willing to pay more for the middle seat. The FAA just approved the new seat design and they'll be on some planes by the end of next year.

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