Day care worker charged year after boy dies in hot van

A year after it happened, a day care worker has been charged in the death of a 3-year-old boy that was left in a day care van.

Maurice Mitchell has been charged with injury to a child by recklessly causing serious bodily injury or death. Mitchell was driving the bus the day the toddler died.

Court documents say Mitchell turned off the passenger safety alarm, which was in place specifically to avoid situations like this, without first doing a visual inspection of the bus.

The child was left in the van for hours, and the temperature had risen to at least 113 degrees.

Records say the day care was cited for several violations involving their van in 2015. One violation included not having an electronic child safety alarm, which is used to notify a driver that a child was left in the vehicle.

The day care was sued by the family as a result of the little boy's death.

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