Civil rights leaders, in Houston, call for boycott of Nike

Civil rights leaders were in Houston earlier this morning to call for a boycott of Nike over Colin Kaepernick and the Betsy Ross flag shoe that Nike pulled earlier this month.

Rev. Bill Owens with the Coalition of African American Pastors tells KTRH Kaepernick is too focused on the past.

“There are so many problems and challenges in America today, especially for our young people, and that’s where the emphasis should be,” Owens said.

He says if Kaepernick did that, he'd have a more positive impact than he does now.

“Our young people look up to people who play sports. They set a model, and I think it’s the wrong model for our young people,” Owens stated.

Owens says he has thousands of signatures on his online petition , and he hopes Nike pays attention to his call for a boycott.

“To them it’s all about the dollar, all about the money. We hope it will have an impact on Nike, and cause them to think before they put this kind of news out about what happened several hundred years ago in our history,” Owens explained.

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