Angel Mom considers class action lawsuit against Twitter

Last week, Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza was notified by Twitter that she had to remove six tweets in order to remain on Twitter.

Now she's looking into legal action against the social media platform. She said many people who have been suspended or banned from Twitter have threatened lawsuits, but not followed through.

Mendoza said Twitter decided to arbitrarily come after her and called her tweets hateful, harmful and threatening.

"None of the things they've accused me of are true. I'm looking into contacting other people, possibly putting a class action lawsuit together. If we don't stop them now, this is the beginning of the end of them shutting down conservative voices on Twitter, and I'm not going to allow them to do that to me," said Mendoza.

She said she's been tweeting like this for several years after her 32-year-old police officer son was killed by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk. She added she won't delete tweets about crimes committed by illegal immigrants and raising awareness about the harms of sanctuary city policies on American citizens.

"And they haven't given me which violation and which tweets, which was offensive, which was harmful, which was hateful, which was threatening," said Mendoza.

She's appealed the tweet ban twice and hasn't heard anything from Twitter.

You can still see Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza's Twitter profile, but they've banned six of her tweets and she can't tweet anymore.

Mendoza posted the six tweets on Facebook, which got her sent to Facebook jail for three days, but she’s out now and tweeting from @AngelFamilies.

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