Illinois Woman Barely Injured After Falling Off Roller Coaster At Carnival

dragon ride

dragon ride

An Illinois woman escaped practically unscathed after falling out of the Iron Dragon roller coaster at the Plainfield Fest carnival. The 45-year-old woman fell out of her seat and landed on the pavement five feet below.

One of the other passengers on the ride told the Northwest Herald that something felt off during their second lap around the track. Justin Williams was on the ride with his wife and two daughters when the woman went flying.

"We got one lap around, and on the second lap, things started to feel really unstable," Williams said. "It felt like we sloped inward and crashed down. To my left side, I saw a woman fly by me."

The woman was taken to the hospital and released a few hours later.

Workers removed the other passengers from the ride using a ladder to get them to safety. Williams said that his two young daughters were left "traumatized" by the incident. He was treated for back spasms at a local hospital. Nobody else on the ride reported injuries to the first responders.

Investigators with the Illinois Department of Labor, Amusement Ride, and Attraction Safety Division say that accident was caused by a broken track, which caused the last car of the coaster to derail. The ride remains closed while they try to figure out what caused the track to break.

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