If you're worth a million dollars are you rich?

"Feeling like a million bucks" isn't what it used to be. Many who are millionaires on paper say they don't feel rich.

In a survey for USA Today only 13% of those who have at least a million in investments say they feel wealthy.

"I think, to many people, being rich is more a state of mind; it's not having to worry about money."

Creditcards.com's Ted Rossman says being worth a million doesn't mean you're not worried about retirement.

"A lot of people who have a million dollars of investable assets are still worried about money, so, the goal posts keep moving I think and it just keeps pushing ever higher."

Millionaires are worried about how much health care will cost and whether they'll have enough if they live into their 90s.

Most American millionaires say they're upper middle class and some describe themselves as simply middle class.

"It's not necessarily a number because I think the number is so big that a lot people can't even fathom it; you hear about 'what do you need to retire? Is it a million, is it two million?' A lot of people just don't know."

Rossman says being rich means having so much you don't worry about money -- but that does not describe most millionaires these days.

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