GOP Senator Wants to Break Up University "Monopoly" on Higher Ed

A Missouri senator wants to break up the monopoly universities have on higher education.

Republican Josh Hawley first wants to expand the Federal Pell Grant program to skilled trades and vocational schools. It's something Jean Burk at College Prep Genius says is already offered in Alaska.

“They have what's called the Alaska Performance Scholarship,” she says. “If a student gets a certain SAT score, they can get a full ride to any college in Alaska, as well as any trade school or any vocational school.”

Sen. Hawley's second proposal, dubbed the “Skin in the Game Act,” would force universities to pay back half of a student loan which is in default.

“I sort of think it gives schools a pause,” says Burk. “Instead of admitting everyone in the world just to get that money, even if they default on the loan students are still liable for it.”

“Instead of it falling back on us the taxpayers, or giving everybody free handouts, I think it's a good idea for college to be more cautious when they are handing out these loans.”

Burk is hopeful both proposals will help spur competition and bring down the cost of higher education.

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