Drugs pour into U.S. as border patrol focuses on migrants

The situation at the border with the influx if migrants coming here illegally is allowing another problem to fester.

U.S. Office of Drug Control Director James Carroll says that problem is drug smuggling.

“Seizures are down, and it’s not because there are less drugs coming in. It’s because their attention has to be diverted because of the humanitarian need,” Carroll said on Breitbart News Daily.

Breitbart investigative reporter Ildefonso Ortiz tells KTRH border patrol is stretched to the breaking point.

“The migrants are tying up all the resources, and there are not enough agents to keep an eye on the rivers, border and checkpoints,” Ortiz said.

This allows the cartels to do their business without getting caught.

“Most of them are coming in through the areas that are controlled by the worst cartels; I’m talking about the area from Laredo to the Rio Grande Valley. Those areas are controlled by Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel,” Ortiz explained.

Ortiz says it's happening here in Texas, and other border states as well.

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