Despite booming economy, some fear recession

The economy has been rolling under President Trump, but many in the middle class are afraid of a recession.

This is coming from not one, but two different polls. 48% told Allianz Life they fear a major recession. That's up four percent from last year. Chuck DeVore with the Texas Public Policy Foundation tells KTRH consumer confidence tells a much different story.

“It’s high by historic norms. I would argue that perhaps people got a little too used to things going really well with the low unemployment level,” DeVore said.

Devore says part of the issue is the mainstream media, and their messaging. They focus on the negative while the President talks about what he's actually accomplished.

“He mentions that a lot. He talks about other things, too. I suppose what the media talks about is up to them,” DeVore stated, adding that bad news makes for better ratings, and the mainstream media doesn't like this President at all.

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