A third of US workers have seriously considered quitting their job recently

Long gone are the days of loyalty to a company for 40 years with the gold watch for a retirement gift.

Companies have stopped investing in long-term employees and now employees are not being loyal to companies.

GlobalCompanyCultureAssociation CEO and Founder Dr. Daren Martin said the younger generation is more likely to jump jobs because they "level up".

A Workplace Happiness Survey finds a third of workers have seriously considered quitting their job recently because they’re not happy due to their companies aren’t teaching them new technology or making mentors available. Workers complain they don’t make enough money, aren’t valued and there’s no chance for promotions or professional growth.

Martin said he's surprised the number is not bigger given the fact only 16 percent of employees enjoy their job.

"They leave work, just like they leave relationships because they either get a better offer or it's just not working for them anymore. And, unfortunately, that's the case for a lot of workers in America," said Martin.

He said 85 percent of people aren't engaged at work.

"Companies are really struggling to engage people at a level that they really feel passionate about being a part of the company," said Martin.

He added companies aren't creating the right culture for today's workers.

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