Speaker Bonnen Launches 2020 PAC for GOP Incumbents

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen launches a political action committee with $3 million to support all GOP incumbents in 2020.

The move comes just weeks after former Speaker Joe Straus unveiled his own Texas Forever Forward PAC with $2.5 million. Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey says the goal statewide is to avoid complacency.

“One of the biggest mistake any politician ever makes is to take voters or votes for granted,” he says. And Dickey says Texas Republicans plan to fight tooth and nail to retain power in Austin.

“This will help recruit and train excellent candidates in every single race in the state,” he says. “We will ensure to the best of our abilities there will be no Democrat in Texas who does not have to fight to win their seat.”

Democrats need to flip nine seats to turn the Texas House blue.

“It is not at all a coincidence that Republicans first gained control of the Texas House 16 years ago and for the last 15 years has been named the best state in the country to do business,” says Dickey.



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