North Texas Town Rejects Pro-Life Sanctuary Ordinance

The City Council of Mineral Wells voted 5-2 Tuesday against a proposal declaring the North Texas town a pro-life sanctuary city.

Mayor Christopher Perricone was pushing an ordinance classifying abortion as murder, but did not penalize women who might obtain an abortion.

The city’s proposal followed the passage of a similar ordinance in Waskom, Texas last month, which declared a preemptive ban on emergency contraception and abortion.

“Waskom last month passed a city ordinance saying they are a sanctuary city for the unborn,” says Kimberlyn Schwartz, spokesperson for Texas Right to Life. “They are banning abortion within their city limits, so that way the abortion industry can never set up shop there.”

Pro-life advocates are hoping more cities follow suit after the Texas Legislature failed to pass stricter abortion laws this past session.

Drucilla Tigner, reproductive rights strategist for the ACLU of Texas, had the following response:

“The Mineral Wells City Council’s decision not to pursue an unconstitutional ordinance asserting a ban on abortion care and emergency contraception was the correct choice. The proposal would have infringed on Texans’ access to safe, legal abortion care and would have served to further intimidate the individuals seeking that care. We hope all cities will follow Mineral Wells’ example of upholding everyone’s fundamental right to abortion care and contraception, regardless of where they live.”


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