Kurtz: Media wrong to label Trump Tweets as 'racist'

President Trump’s Tweets against ‘The Squad’ have led to yet more attacks from the mainstream media.

Howie Kurtz at Fox News says the mainstream media took everything they learned about journalism, and ignored it.

“There has been thunderous media condemnation of President Trump’s attacks on these four freshmen, as he knew there would be, as he actually wanted in my opinion because it gets the Democrats to defend the four freshmen,” Kurtz said. “And then he can argue they are siding with women who he calls socialists who hate America. As far as the straight-news people … many, many outlets have just skipped the ‘critics say’ part, and they say ‘racist attacks,’ ‘racist tweets.'”

“I think a better approach is for journalists — and I’m not defending the tweets by the way – is to lay it out but not say it’s racist because that goes to motive,” he continued. “I prefer the way that our colleague John Roberts did it at the White House when he said to the president, ‘Does it concern you that these tweets are seen as racist and are being embraced by white nationalists?”

Political analyst Debbie Georgatos says the reason why is easy to figure out.

“There’s a lot of media echo chamber that occurs regularly. The media decided to buy in to the description of those Tweets as racist,” Georgatos explained.

She also says that the mainstream media has given up doing real news.

“We’ve pretty much become all opinion. I don’t see news organizations trying to walk that line of honestly reporting,” Georgatos stated, adding that you need to be careful in deciding which news source to trust.

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