Harris County Clerk Estimates $74 Million for New Voting Machines

Harris County Clerk Diane Troutman is seeking public input before she asks for tens of millions of dollars to purchase new voting machines.

Calling the current stock outdated, Dr. Troutman estimates it will cost upwards of $74 million to replace all of Harris County's voting machines ahead of the May 2021 elections.

In the meantime, Troutman says steps are being taken to ensure your vote is recorded accurately on Election Day.

“The Secretary of State is offering a free audit to counties of their voting equipment and their processes. We'll be doing that to see if there's anything they can uncover. We're also working with Universal Services, the county IT department,” she says.

“You also have to through something called an L&A, logistics and accuracy testing, that's a full day and sometimes more on every election,” says Troutman. “The L&A testing is done by the parties as well, so they're involved in it.”

Critics argue most of the county's voting machines are less than a decade old, having been replaced after a fire, and there's been few if any problems in recent elections.

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