Texas lawmakers want a review of how the state selects judges

Lawmakers in Austin want to take a look at how Texas selects its appellate judges (both civilly and criminally).

Right now, and since 1876, judges in these courts are elected. But State Representative Steve Toth says that has to change.

“We don’t want partisan judges that pander to law firms; the very firms that give them money can wind up arguing cases in front of them. It’s wrong,” Toth explained.

Toth wants these judges to be appointed based on merit, and then put them up for election every four years based on record. He admits, though, that change will not be easy.

“The legislature was set up by the founders of Texas to make change very, very difficult. It’s going to take a lot of work on our part to get it done,” he explained.

But they will try in the next legislative session. This also comes after a 2018 election that did not go well for Republican judges, especially here in Harris County.

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